1. Start of dream


Hello! I’m ZESYIT.
Welcome to my blog!
I will post about my dream during a month.
Plus: The name of my friends is fake name. But they are my real friends, and if you have a friends of same name, this is just anccident.
Start my story!


I’m woke up on a road.
“Where is here?”
But no one in there. And I’m start just walking. And I’m found a running train.
I’m running follow a train. And train stopped on a station.
“Hey, Joe! Why you are here?”
I’m heard his story and this was no different about my story. And we were going to other station. We were sleeped in a train. And we were woke up in 7:00 AM.
We were last station. And there is a City! We are woke up on country. And we were so hungry. So we were going to a restaurant. And we ate delicious breakfast.
“Julia, Maria, Selly! Why are you here too?”


Do you wanna more story? Wait on next Saturday~

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