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Hello! I’m ZESYIT.
Welcome to my blog!
I will post about my dream during a month.
Plus: The name of my friends is fake name. But they are my real friends, and if you have a friends of same name, this is just anccident.
Start my story!


1. Start of dream

I’m woke up on a road.
“Where is here?”
But no one in there. And I’m start just walking. And I’m found a running train.
I’m running follow a train. And train stopped on a station.
“Hey, Joe! Why you are here?”
I’m heard his story and this was no different about my story. And we were going to other station. We were slept in a train. And we were woke up in 7:00 AM.
We were last station. And there is a City! We are woke up on country. And we were so hungry. So we were going to a restaurant. And we ate delicious breakfast.
“Julia, Maria, Selly! Why are you here too?”

Meeting with my friends

I fed them breakfast first. And heard their story. And their story was not different!
And we needed more info to there. So we asked
“May I use your phone.”
And we can use his phone. And phone said
“Hi David. Good morning! Today is 2052 January 19. Today is so cloudy. This is 9:30 AM… Do you wanna more?”
Wow! We was going to other universe.

A plan

I said
“We need a plan. We are escape on January 22. We have three days.”.
Julia said
“But, we don’t more info yet”
“Don’t worry. I have a phone.”
Everyone said
“Selly! What’s going on?”
“I’m going to gift shop and steal this phone. We are going home hurry. Police of here follow me now.”
Joe said
“I found a car. I can driving this car. Because I’m good children.”
We drived car and found a navigation to “U.S.A” Navigation found our home and we were…

Do you wanna more story? Wait on next Saturday~

4. The end

We drived car and found a navigation to “U.S.A” Navigation found our home and we were going to home!
This time was stopped. So everyone don’t know about our trip.


This is end of story. Next week, new story will be start! Just a week!

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